About Us

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We are selective. We are looking to work for the right clients and understand that we are not a good fit for every situation—and we are okay with that. We are striving to work with companies and organizations that understand the value of people. With over 20 years experience in the communications industry we know that people are the key to success—and that if you can’t connect with them you’ll lose the best workforce, the best leadership, and the best customers. We see a direct correlation between connection and success.

We are client-focused rather than client-driven. We lead clients to understand the problem before we implement the solutions. Our proprietary “PPR Brand-Engagement Model” is focused on “process”, “people” and “results”. Through this model we are able to collect information, understand the organizational structure, and focus on providing outcomes that align with corporate vision, culture, brand and value.


Who We Are

We are information and communication architects. We have consulted on a wide array of projects across the United States and around the globe. Our brand alignment methodology has helped clients communicate with greater clarity and consistency through mergers and acquisitions or other times of change.

What We Think

We believe that communication has to be a connection rather than just a broadcast of information. At B+Co. we believe people provide the true foundation for success—and we employ strategies that will connect with them on a human level. We believe this human connection is paramount to building a stronger corporate connection, which in-turn cultivates more engaged, happy, and productive employees.

What We Do

We work with leaders to bring vision to life. From recruiting to the first day—from orientation to annual reviews—we work with clients to attract, develop, and retain top talent by embracing the creativity and diversity that is needed to keep employees inspired, acknowledged and engaged. We bridge the gap between internal communications and global communications.

• Rebranding / Brand Alignment / Internal Brands
• Attraction & Retention Campaigns
• Tradeshow Preparation / Booth Design
• Message Development
• Marketing and Sales Campaigns
• Handbook Design / Welcome Kits
• Newsletters / e-Communications
• Social Media / SEO / Web
• Corporate Video Production


American Advertising Federation Awards

2015 Addys, AAF WV
Gold Award
Hare Wynn Newell & Newton TV Campaign

2014 Addys, AAF WV
Gold Award
Talent Curve – Promo Kit

2014 Addys, AAF WV
Silver Award
Blackwell and Co. – Website

2013 Addys, AAF WV
Best of Show
Troy Law Firm – Stationery Package

2013 Addys, AAF WV
Gold Award
Troy Law Firm – Brochure

2013 Addys, AAF WV
Gold Award
Troy Law Firm – Logo

2013 Addys, AAF WV
Gold Award
Troy Law Firm – Stationery Package


Re-Branding / Brand Alignment


Campaign Development


Web / Interactive / Video


Internal Communications Design


Photography / Videography / Art Direction


Blackwell and Co. Communicating better
We love helping people connect to "people". If you need help communicating better, growing a better culture — and improving your brand. Ask us anything and we will get right back to you.