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Our comprehensive communication audit will look at every touch point and connection that you have across employee base, as well the outbound communications to stake holders and customers. Our evaluation will provide you with our findings regarding the professionalism, consistency and alignment of your brand across multiple mediums. From orientation videos and training videos to product videos, recruiting events, print, and advertising—we will provide feedback that will help improve both internal and external communications. Our process helps to bridge the gap between Human Resources and Global Communications with a byproduct that will add authenticity and creativity adding a great ROI for your sales and marketing. Check out our new Communication Intelligence assessment for FREE and let's get started! Click here to take the assessment now.

  • Brand Alignment
  • Annual Reports
  • Presentations
  • Newsletters
  • Websites
  • Email-Blasts
  • Social Media
  • Marketing / Advertising

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We love helping people connect to "people". If you need help communicating better, growing a better culture — and improving your brand. Ask us anything and we will get right back to you.