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Employee engagement is at an all time low in the United States. A recent Gallup study stated that nearly 70% of employees at average companies are disengaged. There is a disconnect between the corporate brand and the corporate culture.

Our proprietary HR3 brand engagement process will help your organization refocus and get the most out of your people. Beginning with the end in mind we strive to enhance engagement by using our proven process, inspiring and connecting with people, and achieving desired outcomes. By bringing clarity to the corporate vision, aligning the corporate brand, and enhancing the corporate culture, we are able to make a positive impact in the areas of engagement & productivity, attraction & retention, global communications, marketing and sales. Each layer of our process is equally important on its own, but the outcomes and solutions are the attributes of our work that have the positive net effect on the bottom line.

  • Initial Offer
  • First Day Experience
  • Internal Communications
  • Corporate Culture
  • Evaluations / Reinforcement
  • Employee Incentives

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