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Communication Intelligence—It’s All About The Framework

In putting together my first video blog edition…I have to say, “recording yourself is painful.” Therefore, you can thank me later for cutting out the first minute or so of this post. Anyway, here is a short clip about our new communication framework called “Communication Intelligence.” If you read my blog entry about my “Vision for Charleston,” you’ll notice that I am picking up on that vision–and not waiting around for the city, state, or sugar daddy to make it happen. Check it out! If you don’t have the stomach to sit through the video, go to the “Communication Intelligence” tab on our website and learn more. If you are interested in learning about your own communication style and behaviors, take our FREE online assessment, and (for a limited time) we’ll send you a personalized Communication Intelligence profile. Let us know what you think.

Field note: The painful part that I cut out was about our partner, 2interact, out of Johannesburg—who has collected over 850k assessments worldwide and has worked with companies such as Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Dell, and Vodafone. My partner, Deon Basson, and his team at 2interact have been working on this framework for nearly ten years in conjunction with the Harvard School of Business. It has been deployed mostly in the UK, throughout Europe, Australia, and in South Africa. The joint venture between Blackwell and 2interact is driven by our passion to help clients communicate more effectively—and to introduce the framework to all of North America.

I can’t speak for the Canadians or Mexicans, but I have noticed some serious communication issues throughout the U.S. Our news is polarized, our government is at odds, and our ability to connect, or resonate, with others is at a standstill. This new framework will help create a new level of understanding and self awareness that will result in better connection from the boardroom to the mailroom, and everywhere in between. Poor communication can devastate marriages, families, corporations, and governments—it is a very costly dilemma on many fronts. I think you would agree that poor communication can have a negative impact on policy, retention, production, and sales, just to name a few.

What if we could resonate and connect better? How much more could we produce? How many more deals could we close? Can you imagine the impact of truly connecting with those you work and deal with on a regular basis?

We’re going to change the world. On behalf of Blackwell and Co., and my partners at 2interact—we hope you will join us.



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