Little-Beat-Up Angel



Little-Beat-Up Angel


2014 has been quite a year! There has been a lot to deal with on the economic front, politics, the news, race relations, ISIS, work, family, friends, church, etc. I don’t want to get into all of that. I’m just thankful God woke me up this morning.

This “little-beat-up Angel” recently found it’s way back to me after over 20 years. In 1991 I received a certified letter from President George H.W. Bush on Christmas Eve ordering me to report for duty at the beginning of the Persian Gulf War. Saddam Hussein had just invaded Kuwait, and things in the Middle East were a mess. Getting this letter on Christmas Eve was somewhat expected, but tough nonetheless. My mom’s birthday is on Christmas, so the candlelight church that night (a family tradition) was a little bit emotional as I stood next to my mom and tears poured from our eyes. Neither of us really knew what to expect.

Anyway, back to the little-beat-up Angel. My mom or dad had given this little angel to watch over me while I was deployed. I pinned it to my uniform and wore it until I came home. That little angel had traveled around the world with me. It went to Delaware, Spain, Sicily, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, and Texas…probably several other places as well. It stayed with me for quite some time, until one of my buddies deployed and I gave it to him, with the instructions that I wanted it back when he returned.

It wasn’t until late November 2014, that I stopped in to see my friend Wade while traveling west on business. Wade is one of my best buddies from way back when…He recently adopted 3 Haitian children to complement the existing (3) children that he already had. I was pretty impressed to hear that Wade and his wife had gone through this process and I was very eager to meet all of his family—so I arranged to stop in and have dinner. What a great evening! Wade was the buddy I gave the little Angel to before he deployed…and after dinner that night, he gave me the little Angel back. Over 23 years of travel—this Angel had certainly seen some action. It’s wings were beat-up and worn down, but after all these years, I got that little Angel back.

I asked Wade to send me a list of where he had gone with that little-beat-up Angel and so here it is: Panama, Pascagoula, Orlando, Newport, San Diego, Hawaii, British Columbia, California, Cabo San Lucas, Wake Island, Singapore, Malaysia, Oman, Bahrain, Persian Gulf, United Arab Emirates, Austrailia, and Fiji.

Now that I am married with children of my own, I don’t get to upset about current events, politics, etc. (my wife would beg to differ). I am just so thankful that God looked after me, and after my buddy Wade. It was sweet to get that “little-beat-up Angel” back. But it’s even sweeter to count my blessings. Happy New Year friends!



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  1. Great illustration of how we are not alone in this world. No matter where we’ve been, or where we go, God is always with us! The question remains, where will the little angel go next?


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