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Look Up

Have you noticed that since the invention of the handy-dandy smart phone, we rarely look up? I literally just looked out the window at work (I love people-watching) to see a man crossing Summers Street looking at something going on his phone…never mind the oncoming traffic.

I love my phone. It’s a porthole to keeping up with my life, my family and friends. I think we can all agree that this portable entertainment device is almost like a security blanket for us. Have you ever forgotten your phone at home or at work and you instantly have a panicky moment? That’s right, it’s happened to you so don’t judge me.

While smart phones are a luxury to our everyday life, what happens to our everyday life? Do we see what’s going on right in front of us- while we’re so concerned with what “negative Nancy” on Facebook has to say about her day? Are we taking in the right-here, right-now moments of life – or is it 3:00pm and your phone is nearly dead because you’ve soaked up the battery trying to “Pin” tonight’s dinner to your board (or what you hope to achieve)?

It’s time to challenge yourself, your spouse, your significant other…whoever you’re close to- unplug, look up, and enjoy life. At least set aside a time to put away the distractions of social media, texting and online chaos. I promise- whatever is going on online- it’s not nearly as important as spending time with the ones you love. Memories aren’t made while updating that epic status #lookup and #enjoylife .

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  1. Love this L. Read it a couple of times now and you are right on. I’ve seen my kids walk by my office a couple of times today…and you would think it would be them with their faces focused on their phone, but no, It is me! I need to give off this thing and go enjoy the now. Peace. & Thanks!

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