Random Thanks



Random Thanks

With a lifetime of thankfulness, I thought I would try to list all the pastors, ministry leaders, youth leaders and missionaries that I have been exposed to over the years: Danny Light, Mrs. Wooten, Mrs. Bryant, Arnold Lovell, Marilyn and Hedge (Hedgepeth), Bill and Zeta Lamberson, Tom & Sharon Titus, Bill & Becky Kimmons, Gene & Carol Anderson, Rick & Laura Hayes, Mills Peebles, Grace Cameron, Roy Roach, Shawn Thornton, Lee Walker, Jesse Wagoner, Jim McQuerey, Dave Jones, Donavon Roberson, John Haskell, Bill Tanzey, Richard Thompson, Stephen Neil, Caleb Korth, Kurt and Morgan Brewer, and Eric Mounts. All these guys are from 4 different churches over the past 43 years. (First Baptist Church of South Charleston, First Presbyterian Church of South Charleston, Loudendale Freewill Baptist, and Bible Center Church in Charleston.) Peace. & Thanks!

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