Random Thoughts: Halloween, Jesus and Bin Laden

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Random Thoughts: Halloween, Jesus and Bin Laden

I recently heard my youngest child won’t be enjoying any sweets at this year’s (elementary school) Halloween party. Candy and sweets are banned, and replaced by cheese and crackers. I am ashamed to mention that we actually have pumpkins on display at our house, and that one day soon, we will be carving them. I hope we can get one more year in before someone decides to take a stand for the rights of pumpkins.

And never mind about Jesus. All the Christmas trees in public schools are long gone. Thank goodness for Walmart and Target, who took a stand last Christmas to allow their employees to tell customers “Merry Christmas”—after a backlash from patrons during the previous year. I am guessing the corporate motivation was not connected to any financial gain… Nah! I am sure finances had nothing to do with it (wink-wink).

Last but not least…Osama Bin Laden. If I were a betting man, I would say he is dead. It’s my blog so I will say it—I think he is dead! Man, in general is vain. He would be writing op eds and taping interviews for CNN or doing tweets from the green room on the View if he were alive. Plus, if our government wanted to snatch somebody, they could do it. There is something else going on here, and the cynical part in me is guessing that a few dollars are being spent to perpetuate this hunt.

(I was just watching a special about Bin Laden on the History Channel, so I thought I would bring him into this post.)

Peace. & Thanks!

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